Learning Ludic- Seriously Fun Classrooms

I had the opportunity to sit down with two members of the Ludic Community.

Derived from the Latin word “ludere” meaning “to play,” “ludic pedagogy” emphasizes crafting enjoyable yet academically rigorous classroom experiences. This approach integrates the elements of fun, play, playfulness, and positivity to foster a conducive and effective learning environment.

Recently, academics T. Keith Edmunds and Sharon Lauricella have published insightful articles in Faculty Focus and Inside Higher Ed, discussing the successful application of ludic pedagogy across various college disciplines and content areas. The also co-authored the book Ludic Pedagogy – A Seriously Fun Way to Teach and Learn.

Keith Edmunds, Business Professor at Brandon University: Keith is an experienced instructor with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Along with Dr. Sharon Lauricella he is the co-author of the book Ludic Pedagogy, a Seriously Fun Way to Teach and Learn.
Keith is skilled in teaching human resource management, organizational behavior, and general management topics, and his research interests include ludic pedagogy, business instruction methods, workplace sense of community, and employee engagement.

Joining Keith in this interview is Rich Little, Rich is a Business Instructor at Assiniboine College. Rich has been an educator at Assiniboine for close to two decades. After a successful career in business, Rich joined the faculty at the college, and as a relatively new adopter of ludic pedagogy, but not a new instructor, gleaning from Rich’s adoption of the pedagogy will provide a fascinating perspective for someone new or entering the instruction of adults. Rich is also the host of the Ludicast, a podcast covering interviews with subject matter experts in ludic pedagogy.

Listen to the Podcast episode here.

Or watch the episode recording here:

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